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January 22, 2014

My Reading List 2013

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Written by: అతిథి
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Written by: Pramadha Mohana
Delhi Public School, Nacharam

1. A Study in Scarlet
2. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
3. The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes
4. The Return of Sherlock Holmes
5. The Sign of Four

Sherlock Holmes’ reputation has caught up with him and I could go on forever if I had to give him an introduction. However, the only thing I can point out now is that I am Sherlocked and I love it!

6. The Secret Garden

Mary Lennox begins her process of lifelong recovery and it all starts with discovering a secret garden. A heartwarming and inspiring tale.

7. A little princess

Sara Crewe’s strong character copes with changed circumstances and enables her to endure the scorn of her classmates and teachers. Her transformation from show pupil to orphan to child millionaire is amazing.

8. Little Lord Fauntleroy

Young Cedric is transported from life in New York, to the splendor of his snappish grandfather’s manor in England. He finds himself transformed into Young Lord Fauntleroy and in possession of his grandfather’s wealth. While Cedric does not care for all that he has got, there are others unlike him. In the end, who gets the money?

9. Heidi

I found this book, a little similar to Little Lord Fauntleroy plot wise i.e. a young child bestowing happiness upon her grumpy grandfather. However, Heidi‘s character is intricately designed to hold weight unto her own opinions and ideologies, unlike ‘Little Lord Fauntleroy’. At any rate, I do not recall the details of the book, so I stand to be corrected.

10. Five children and It
11. The Phoenix and the Carpet
12. The Story of the Amulet

When four children accidentally find ‘It’- a wish-granting sand-fairy, they find themselves in an adventurous journey filled with magic and mischief.

13. The Plays of Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde’s dazzling wit and ingenious imagination combined with a crafty plot often make a good read. This volume, consisting of nine plays by Wilde, offers readers a rare chance to get to know and appreciate his best-known work.

14. Chicken Soup for the Soul – Tough times, Tough People

‘Tough times don’t last. But tough people do.” I caught this quote on the cover of the book and immediately borrowed the book from the library. Containing stories of survival during the Great Economic Depression, it provides inspiration on staying brave and optimistic during tough times.

15. Heroes of Olympus – The lost Hero
16. Heroes of Olympus – The Son of Neptune
17. Heroes of Olympus – The Mark of Athena

The premise is that seven heroes from Camp Half Blood and the Roman half blood camp unite to fight Gaia (or mother Earth). But before they face Gaia and her minions, they have a herculean task – to unite the Greek and Roman half bloods, who have been foes for centuries. Rick Riordan moulds the plot with such grace, that you begin to believe every word of the story to be true.

18. The Best of Saki

“Wit, style and a huge twist in the end, all tied together with amazing sophistication” This is what Saki is known for. In The Best of Saki, Saki creates delightful stories, which never fail to awe you.

19. Tintin in the land of the Soviets
20. Tintin in the Congo
When Tintin and Snowy are hot on the trail, there is no stopping them. The only thing you might want to do is join their journey and admire the writer’s ingenuity.

21. Oishinbo – Ramen and Gyoza
22. Oishinbo – The Joy of Rice
Tetsu Kariya’s knowledge of incredible food and Akira Hanasaki’s quirky art take on a delicious trek to discovering good food.

23. Dragon Rider
Cornelia Funke takes you on a magical dragon ride to rediscover lost folktales, forgotten prophecies and fabulous creatures. A must-read for fantasy lovers.

24. Matilda

A book written by Dahl, inspired by child prodigy Mozart, is simply ‘unputdownable’. Matilda is a lovable children’s book, which is fabulous enough to be described as a classic.

25. Famous Five – Five on a Treasure Island

Childhood favorites are hard to forget. Famous Five has been one of favorite books for years and remains to be so.

26. Geronimo Stilton – The Secret of Cacklefur Castle
27. Geronimo Stilton , Secret Agent
28. Thea Stilton – The Dancing Shadows

This mysterious mouse writer never fails to amaze me as he comes up with new and improved stories, every time I turn my back. Paired up with fantastic illustrations, they all prove to be ‘fabumouse’ stories!

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  1. amarendra

    మోహన చదివిందా ఇవన్నీ! గ్రేట్ !! లగే రహో మోహనా ..

  2. mythili abbaraju

    Kudos mohana ! 🙂 where are ‘ she ‘ and ‘ ayesha’ ?

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